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DEEP Moments

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DEEP Moments

DEEP Moments introduction

Films by Ashford Phoenix

Introducing Ashford Phoenix

How I look at dementia

Dementia is my Kriptonite

Wife, Stool, RAF Aden

Films by Beth Johnson Foundation

Introducing Beth Johnson Foundation peer support group

I have Alzheimer’s

Reacted differently

Should I tell you my inner feelings?

I’m not sure I want people to know

Unappropriate words

Films by SUNshiners

Introducing SUNshiners

Looking back, I can trace it

Winter’s approach

And I practised

I’m like a mermaid

Films by Pathways, Bradford

Introducing Pathways

It’s better to be laughing than crying

Music releases my dementia

Helping the Pathways group

Finding our own way into this maze of the unknown

That’s me