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Want to get involved?

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Send us a photo of you, and what you have made (hi res please). Also, any extra information that you are happy for us to use on our website and in social media. Build in a message if you like!


Make something new, following the videos and instructions that others who are living with dementia have put up on this website. Again, build in a message if you like.


Make a short film for us, to help others learn how to do something you know how to do. We can help you do this if you have access to a smart phone, iPad, PC or laptop.


Host a ZOOM teach-in to help others learn your craft. We can help set this up.


Link to a local care home through craftivism (note: this part of the project has not yet started)

We can supply you with labels for your creations, with the Craftivism logo and space for your own message.

Whatever you choose to do, do let us know about it! You can contact us via